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Will Birmingham play in the Women's Basketball Development Association?

November 23, 2018
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The Women's Basketball Development Association announces that Birmingham will be an inaugural franchise in 2019.

The league is scheduled to being play in late April or early May.

The local team's name will be the Birmingham Queens.

No announcement was made regarding who owns the team or where games will be played.

While the league's name is new, the organization is basically a continuation of the Women's Blue-Chip Basketball League. The WBCBL was founded in 2004 by Willie McCray as a showcase for women to land jobs in the Women's National Basketball Association and other professional leagues. The league's first season was in 2005.

Against the odds, the WBCBL has survived over the years. Last year, the WBCBL had 37 teams, spread across the nation.

In 2017, Birmingham had a team in the WBCBL, the Alabama Reign. The Reign only played one season.

The new league was announced on September 24th and is owned by William Kelly, who also owns the Grand Rapids Galaxy.

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  Owner Gibril Davies
Kelly said the new league would "continue the success and history of the original women’s basketball development league, while adding value and support to team owners and players. There are a ton of colleges across the county with thousands of women players graduating every year that are looking for opportunities to continue playing and go pro. We are here to provide those opportunities and be a bridge between college and the professional level."

Kelly is excited for his league's potential. "I'm hoping to increase the number of players we send pro every year. I also look for the WBDA to be a dominant factor in women's basketball."

December 17, 2018
Gibril Davies announces he is the owner of the Birmingham Queens. Davies is the CEO of the Olympus Group and is very active in local politics. He is also the director of media and branding for the league.

"I started the Birmingham Queens organization because I felt Birmingham was the perfect market for a women's pro development team. I'm going to create opportunities for women on and off the court while building relationships with our state institutions. Our goal is to provide a family friendly environment and second chance for players from Alabama to go pro," Davies said.

A part owner of the Queens is Kimberly Meadows Clark, who owns the local men's basketball team the Magic City Surge. The Surge are members of the American Basketball Association.
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May 2019
Women's Basketball Development Association
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   05/04/2019    at Atlanta Monarchs  
05/11/2019 Killeen Force  
05/25/2019 at Killeen Force  
06/01/2019 Shreveport-Bossier Lady Knights  
06/08/2019 at Dallas Crest  
06/15/2019 Atlanta Monarchs  
06/22/2019 at Killeen Force  
07/13/2019 at Shreveport-Bossier Lady Knights  
07/27/2019 Dallas Crest  
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 Association champions.

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