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 Team Overview

  Team:    Birmingham Vulcans  
  League Affiliation:   World Football League  
  Year of Operation:   1975  
  Stadium:   Legion Field  
  Owners:   Ferd Weil, A. E. "Pee Wee" Burgess, Crawford Johnson, Hugh Daniel, Tom Rast, Edwin Ashton, Howard Buchanan, William Kelce, Fred Hallmark, Fred Sington, James Lee and George Simmons.  
  Head Coach:   Marvin Bass  
   Notable Achievements:   The Vulcans had the World Football League's best record (9-3) at the time of the league's folding and were considered by most to be champions of the 1975 season. To further solidify this claim, they had also beaten the team with the second best record, the Memphis Southmen, twice in back-to-back games immediately prior to the league folding.  
  Yearly Record:  
 1975      9-3      League folds; World Football League champions (unofficial).  

 Further Reading

   "Breaking the Game Wide Open" by Gary Davidson, Atheneum, ISBN 0-689-10613-0  
   "While the Gettin's Good: Inside the World Football League" by Herb Gluck, ASIN 0672520575  
   "Wiffle: The World Football League Chronicle" by Tod Maher, Professional Football Researchers Association  
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