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 Team Overview

  Team:    Birmingham Americans  
  League Affiliation:    World Football League  
  Year of Operation:    1974  
  Stadium:    Legion Field  
  Owner:    William R. Putnam  
  Head Coach:    Jack Gotta  
   Notable Achievements:    World Football League champions; undefeated home record (13-0)  
  Yearly Record:  
 1974      17-5       World Football League champions  

 Further Reading

   "Breaking the Game Wide Open" by Gary Davidson, Atheneum, ISBN 0-689-10613-0  
   "While the Gettin's Good: Inside the World Football League" by Herb Gluck, ASIN 0672520575  
   "Wiffle: The World Football League Chronicle" by Tod Maher, Professional Football Researchers Association  
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